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Alberta Alzheimer Consortium

With joint funding from Capital Health and the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta we have launched a multidisciplinary approach to Alzheimer’s Research. Sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease (sAD), in contrast to rare familial forms of the disease, presents enormous logistical and economic challenges to society and health care delivery, but it is poorly understood from the perspective of etiology. Since the breadth of this problem clearly transcends the limits of a single discipline and the resources of an individual research program, we have assembled a team with expertise in neurology, geriatric medicine, molecular biology, neuropathology, neurochemistry, epidemiology, cognitive neuroscience, and systems biology for a concerted effort to understand sAD. Our three-fold vision is (a) to make novel discoveries in the biology of sAD, (b) to test the application of these discoveries in preclinical and AD patients, and (c) to assemble a framework of researchers that will form the basis for a yet larger Albertan consortium that will continue beyond the three year term of this first grant.

AD Team

Members of the Capital Health/FoMD Alzheimer's Disease Team

From left: Anitha Kodam, Dr. Jing Yang, Dr. Jack Jhamandas, Dr. David Vergote, Asha Amritraj, Dr. Satyabrata Kar, Dr. Kwai Alier, Dr. Laura Edwards-Ingram, Dr. David Westaway, Mahua Maulik.

R. Dixon  and Dr. Roger Dixon who is not shown in the team photo.

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