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Seminar Schedule

Journal Clubs and Seminar Schedule 2016-2017

Time - Thursday 11:00 AM

Location - 204-A Brain and Aging Research Building

Seminar and Journal Clubs Schedule
Sep 15 Research Presentation: Endoproteolysis of cellular prion protein (PrPC): Who’s behind the mask? - Ghazaleh Eskandari Sedighi; Characterizing CWD Transmission from White-tailed deer to Elk Transgenic Mice - Jeff Narayan
Sep 22 Research Presentation: Role of aged skeletal muscle fibers with mitochondrial enzyme abnormalities in sarcopenia - Nashwa Cheema; U18666A-induced Cholesterol Sequestration Differentially Regulates APP Metabolism in Normal and APP Overexpressing Cells - Jiyun Chung
Sep 29 Journal Club: The prion protein is an agonistic ligand of the G protein-coupled receptor Adgrg6 - Dr. Robert Mercer
Oct 6 Research Presentation: Effects of U18666A on APP Metabolism in Cultured Astrocytes - Dr. Hongyan Yang
Oct 13 Research Presentation: Investigating the Physiological Function of Cellular Prion Protein - Niall Pollock; The Interaction of CWD with Vegetation: Effect on Epidemiology - Elizabeth Triscott
Oct 20 Guest Speaker (American Red Cross): The case of "mad" mice, prions and exosomes - Dr. Larisa Cervenakova
Oct 27 Journal Club: The antibody aducanumab reduces Aβ plaques in Alzheimer’s disease - Anthony Ness; Cryo-EM reveals the steric zipper structure of a light chain-derived amyloid fibril - Andrew Fang
Nov 3 Guest Speaker: - Dr. Jiri Safar
Nov 10 Research Presentation: - Alsu Kuznetsova
Nov 17 Journal Club: - Olaide Oyegbami
Nov 24 CPPFD PI talk: - Judd Aiken
Dec 1 Journal Club: - Razieh Kamali Jamil & Zelin Fu
Dec 8 Research Presentation: - Claudia Acevedo-Morantes & Dimitar Ourdev
Dec 15 CPPFD PI talk: - David Westaway


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