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Seminar Schedule

Journal Clubs and Seminar Schedule 2015-2016

Time - Thursday 11:00 AM

Location - 204-A Brain and Aging Research Building

Seminar and Journal Clubs Schedule
Sep 24 Research Presentation: Cell tropism & cell death: A role for necroptosis - Grant Norman; Transmission of CWD allotypes into mice expressing elk PRNP - Jeffrey Narayan
Oct 1 Research Presentation: PrP from A to Z: Exploring conserved functions of PrPc in zebrafish - Daryn Watson; Glial expression of amyloid precursor protein and its processing enzymes in the ANPC mouse model - Anna Sasse
Oct 8 Research Presentation: Towards establishment of a mouse model of circadian abnormality in Alzheimer's disease - Dr. Olaide Oyegbami
Oct 15 CPPFD PI talk: Prion protein and pathogenesis; the middle and the end of the beginning - Dr. David Westaway
Nov 5 Guest Speaker (UCSF): Propagation of distinct amyloid-beta strains in vivo - Dr. Jan Stoehr
Nov 12 Research Presentation: Protein Misfolding in Alzheimer's disease: Tau, the "HOW" behind the "WOW"? - Ghazaleh Eskandari; Journal Club: A naturally occurring variant of the human prion protein completely prevents prion disease - Camilo Duque
Nov 19 Society for Neuroscience 2015 Conference Debrief: - Dr. Kar lab
Dec 3 Research Presentation: The Prion Protein: Potassium Channels & Pathogenic Changes - Robert Mercer
Dec 10 CPPFD PI talk: Prion Diseases: By the Numbers - Dr. Judd Aiken
Jan 7 Research Presentation: Innate Immunity as Prion Defense System - Dr. Sanggyun Kang
Jan 14 Research Presentation: Insulin-like growth factor-II/mannose 6-phosphate receptor and cathepsin D in Alzheimer’s disease pathology - Yanlin Wang
Jan 21 CPPFD PI talk: It's Abeta, it's a tau, it's prion - Dr. Valerie Sim
Jan 28 Research Presentation: Interaction of CWD-prions with Alberta soils - Dr. Alsu Kuznetsova
Feb 4 Research Presentation: Mitochondrial DNA Deletion Mutations Drive Sarcopenia in Aged Rats - Dr. Allen Herbst
Feb 11 Research Presentation: Assessing the impact of variants in the prion protein gene (PRNP) on the risk of HuPrP90-231 misfolding propensity using molecular dynamics simulations - Dr. Lyudmyla Dorosh
Feb 18 Research Presentation: - Dr. Nathalie Daude
Feb 25 CPPFD PI talk: - Dr. Holger Wille
Mar 3 Research Presentation: - Dr. Maria Garza Garcia
Mar 10 Research Presentation: - Dimitar Ourdev; - Patricia Leighton
Mar 17 Research Presentation: - Camilo Duque; - Nashwa Cheema
Mar 24 CPPFD PI talk: - Dr. Satya Kar
Mar 31 Research Presentation: - Dr. Jacques van der Merwe
Apr 7 Research Presentation: - Danielle Gushue; - Anthony Ness
Apr 14 CPPFD PI talk: - Dr. Debbie McKenzie
Apr 21 Research Presentation: - Elizabeth Triscott; - Claudia Acevedo-Morantes
Apr 28 CPPFD PI talk: - Dr. Ted Allison
May 5 Research Presentation: - Dr. Leo Cortez
May 26 Prion 2016 Debrief 1
Jun 2 Prion 2016 Debrief 1
Jun 9 Research Presentation: - Sara Amidian; - Zelin Fu
Jun 16 Research Presentation: - Richard Kanyo; - Razieh Kamali Jamil
Jun 23 Research Presentation: - Hadeel Alyenbaawi; - Andrew Fang
Jun 30 Research Presentation: - Dr. Bongmun Kang


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